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Steve Lovitt, creative in both work and life.


Drawing from a life of adventure and creativity that includes — trekking Mt Everest, auto racing, skydiving, designing websites and bold award winning posters for music festivals and events, I bring passion, a willingness to take risks and an eclectic brand of creativity to UX/UI and design work.

Public service, coaching kids or helping the homeless, my inspiration comes from all the things I experience in my life.  I draw from my stories and the stories of those I am with. Whatever I do, my goal is to always make something better than expected.

My work is described as detailed and bold. An Award winning Graphic and Web Designer focused on Graphic Design and Usability, working with clients in private, corporate, non‐profit, and public sectors.


"My most successful projects always started with a fun planning meeting, listening to their stories, their goals and yes, a few laughs"



Cool Adventures, Public Service, Volunteering and Family. All great Life Experiences

Steve Lovitt Mt Everest BasecampSteve Lovitt in Victory Lane.  A Two time ChampionSteve Lovitt Skydive DubaiSteve Lovitt River Rafting Steve Lovitt Warrior Dash Steve Lovitt on City Council at new street dedication.Steve Lovitt Soccer Coach Steve Lovitt Photographer at a music festival Steve Lovitt and family!Steve Lovitt with new Grand Daughter Steve Lovitt working on a project with and for the homeless.Steve Lovitt Skiing

Row 1: Mt Everest Base Camp, Race Win, Skydive Palm Island Dubai, Rafting the Wenatchee River.
Row 2: Warrior Dash, City Council ceremony, Soccer coach, 2 teams, 4 years, Photographing a music festival.
Row 3: Really cool Family, New really cool granddaughter, User testing with Smiley, a homeless man. Skiing on Mission Ridge.



Great projects and great people make it happen.

Grant PUD

Program Analyst III, Graphic / Web Design     1985 - 2014

Successful Product Owner, Designer, Developer and overall Mastermind of the Grant PUD Intranet, Internet and other really cool projects.

Using my outstanding ability to play in the sand box well with others, I listened to their stories, then used my overly creative imagination and worked my magic to make whatever I designed or developed better then what my customer expected.



As Product Owner, successfully guided the organizations Intranet design and development and increased page views from 35,000 in 2002 to over 1.3 million by 2011.

Successfully helped generate more than $268M in electric power sales with the planning and design of all graphic and marketing material for the yearly Grant PUD Power Auctions.

Awards and Rewards


Keynote Speaker at two KM (Knowledge Management) World National Conferences in Santa Clara and San Jose California, covering topics including Intranets, Intranet design, and its success through user involvement in the development process.

Recipient of the 2004 William T. Elmgren Public Service Award from the Washington Public Utility Districts Association.


I've always been lucky to have a wide variety of projects and fun.

UX/UI Web Design

Project for Grant PUD Hydro Operations

"I deeply appreciate the time and care you took to make the Hydro Operations web pages easy to use, graphically pleasing, and intuitive. I am also grateful for your gentle guidance/expertise that greatly assisted us in our web page revisions. We knew what we wanted, but not the best way to get there. When use stats were shared with us, the Hydro Operations SOP pages were some of (if not THE) busiest pages in the District. I think that speaks volumes".

Charli Sorenson

Grant County PUD

General Assembly project for the Homeless


Please contact me for any UX/UI, Graphic Design positions. I also do freelance Graphic, Web Design and Photography.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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2515 4th Ave, Apt  1805, Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 658-7770 | (509) 750-1945

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